No Reverse Advent This Year - but give a gift of Pants and Socks!

I’m afraid that this year we didn’t have a volunteer to co-ordinate the Reverse Advent appeal and sadly decided not to go ahead. So instead we would like to encourage people to support the Gatehouse Christmas Appeal. Details are below, but if you want to give other things, or fill a box then their general donation page gives you some ideas          

Gatehouse Christmas Appeal

We need donations by 19th December when our volunteers wrap parcels for our Gatehouse guests. This is what we need this year:

  • PANTS – Pants are needed all year round and we never have enough to meet demand. So, please, instead of donating a hat, please donate a pair of pants!
  • SOCKS – Socks donated last Christmas kept us going throughout the year – please keep up these donations!
  • GLOVES – People love a good pair of gloves. So if you donate just ONE pair of good pair of gloves that can withstand the cold we are more than happy. One pair of sturdy gloves are much preferred to ten pairs of thinner gloves.

Deliveries to the Gatehouse at St Giles, 10 Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6HT (map it)