UPDATED Pilgrimage to the Holy Well and Church of St Margaret of Antioch


Thursday 19th July 6:45pm


St Margaret of Antioch (starting at the Perch Pub, Binsey)

UPDATED** The Bishop of Oxford presides and preaches at the Well Liturgy and Choral Eucharist which are the focus and culmination of the pilgrimage to the Holy Well and Church of St Margaret of Antioch on the Eve of the Feast of St. Margaret on Thursday 19 July.

The Holy Well at Binsey has been a place of pilgrimage for many centuries. It is dedicated to St Margaret of Antioch, an early Christian martyr. St Frideswide, Patron of Oxford, is said to have caused the Well to spring up through her invocation of the intercession of St Margaret.

Pilgrims are encouraged to gather at The Perch in Binsey Village any time prior to the 6.45pm procession to the Well. Pilgrims may choose to make their pilgrimage on foot (either by walking along the beautiful river bank or down Binsey Lane), by bicycle, or other means of transport. For those who wish to drive to The Perch there is ample parking. The Perch website has details on how to find it. Information has been sent to parishes in the Diocese of Oxford. Your local parish church may be organising a pilgrim group setting off from your church.

The Perch is delighted to be our gathering point and has devised an affordably-priced  'Pilgrims’ Supper' which will be available in the pub before and after the Liturgy & Choral Eucharist.

People of all denominations, and those of none, are welcome to join this pilgrimage. All baptized Christians are welcome to receive Communion.

For questions and more information about this pilgrimage email  binseypilgrimage@gmail.com

Did you know that St Margaret is on the Thames Pilgrim Way which runs the length of the Thames through Oxfordshire and Berkshire? If you would like to explore the route and discover more about pilgrimage go to the Thames Pilgrim Way website which maps the route and provides useful information on prayer and reflection.

 **UPDATE The Perch has devised an affordable (£12) pilgrims' supper, available in addition to their normal menu. Pilgrims in a group may book suppers (a few days in advance), to be had either before or after the liturgy, through the co-ordinator of their parish or other pilgrim group. If you are a lone pilgrim and wish to book a supper, do so by emailing  the Reverends Shei Crowther and Graeme Napier (binseypilgrimage@gmail.com).