Daily Prayer

A disciplined life of prayer is essential for the Christian to maintain their spiritual life.  There are lots of ways to pray, but many Christians find joining in structured prayers at set times of the day provides what they need.  Follow the link here to the Church of England’s Daily Prayer app that you can download onto your device. 

If you are new to prayer and need more guidance about preparing yourself for prayer the Church of England Learning to Pray pages will be helpful. Revd Clare Sykes and the Clergy Team are also available to help you.

Here is a simple daily prayer that comes from the Anglican Church of South Africa that you can use to structure your prayer times.  

Lord God,

we ask you to give us your blessing:

to your Church, holiness,

to the world, peace,

to this nation, justice,

and to all people 

knowledge of your law.

Keep safe our families,

protect the weak,

heal the sick,

comfort the dying,

and bring us all 

to a joyful resurrection.

We ask these things through

Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.


The Anglican Prayer Book

(The Anglican Church of Southern Africa, 1989)