Hello and welcome to the second edition of our Messy Church at Home.

For May our theme is ‘Looking after our Neighbours’ which coincides with Christian Aid Week which is all about helping others in need – our Worldwide Neighbours.So this month we have all kinds of information and activities to help children discover that loving our neighbour reaches beyond our own streets and right around the world. Click on the links and you can download the PDFs.

A  Messy Church Prayer for this week

Father God,

Thank you for all the people who every day help us in some way.

Thank you for those who work in jobs which involve caring for others.

Thank you for the work of Christian Aid who help poor people around the world.

Thank you too for those who are just loving people,

who help out when and where they can.

Let us show our thanks by helping others ourselves.


Messy Church theme sheet See attached PDF

BeSpace  Children may be missing their connection with God in their daily lives. BeSpace has put together some resources to help you create opportunities at home. If you don’t have children, but know a family who might use this resource, please pass it on https://bespace.be/what-we-do/virtual-prayer-spaces/…

Saying Thank You – colouring sheets from the Young Church Mag produced by the diocese of Bath & Wells with a theme of saying thank you to those who are helping during the lockdown. See attached PDF

5 Helpful things I did this week – print off a diary page and every time you do something helpful, write it down. See attached PDF 

Emergency shopping bag – if your friend or neighbour had to leave their house and take nothing with them, what would you put in a bag for them? Print off the picture of the shopping bag and draw on it pictures of what you’d put inside. See attached PDF

Make and Bake some Jam Shortcakes. Baking brings people together. It’s a caring pastime, and it can make you feel happy, have a sense of achievement  and fill the tummies of people you care about https://www.helpmebake.com/2019/01/25/jam-shortcakes-recipe-and-guide/