Exploring Faith

Discover how to explore your faith alongside us in relaxed all-age group of local people.

Christians believe that God is the Creator of everything in our universe.  God is not distant from his creation but has revealed himself most fully in the person of Jesus Christ, who lived and taught in Israel, was killed, but raised to life by God on the third day.  The Holy Spirit of God is alive and abroad in our world today, empowering Christians to love God and their neighbour. 

People who put their trust in God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit and want to live their lives as followers are baptised into the fellowship of the worldwide Church.  Christians are always on a journey to know and love more and to follow his ways and teaching through Jesus more closely so that God’s blessing may extend across the whole world.

If you are a spiritual seeker or an established Christian we invite you to join with us in the journey of faith. Below you can find more information about the Christian faith and our local study courses.

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